Patty King International - Jamaican Style Patties.

Jamaican Style Patties.

Company History

Following a family tradition of making the finest Jamaican Patties, Patty King INTERNATIONAL opened our manufacturing facility in Concord Ontario in 1994. This facility is focused on meeting the demands of both our Retail and Food Service customers.

The key to the Concord facility is that we are one of the few Jamaican Patty manufacturers in Canada to be recognized as a Federally Inspected facility (Est 273). This means that product made at the Concord plant can be sold anywhere in Canada, the USA or Internationally.

Patty King INTERNATIONAL is HACCP Certified. We are very proud to have recently received and 98% Gold Standard score on a GFTC Third Party Food Safety & Quality Audit. We have reached the coveted SQF Certification for Food Safety & Quality from QMI-SAI Global.

Through the years we have come to realize that our products are a well recognized handheld product that drives significant volume for Retailers when promoted. Patty King patties have moved away from being an ethnic product and are more of a mainstream handheld item that is ideally suited for the 13 to 34 age demographic.

Patty King INTERNATIONAL is the market leader with product listings at almost every major grocery chain in Canada. Future growth will come from new markets in North America.

Patty King INTERNATIONAL is developing new formulas to be introduced into the marketplace which will result in us being the true "Patty King".