Patty King International - Jamaican Style Patties.

Jamaican Style Patties.

Ya Man,

What's a Jamaican Patty?

A Jamaican Patty is a delicious handheld product with a seasoned meat filling baked inside a flaky golden pastry.

Our Patties are great as a meal or snack!
Made right here in Canada!

Retail Products

Patty King International patties can be found at almost every Retailer in Canada.

We have 4 varieties of Patties, Mild Beef, Spicy Beef, Chicken, and Vegetable.

These flavours can be found as individual patties at Convenience stores, or as 6, 9 or 24 packs at major grocery retailers.


Food Service Products

Patty King International patties are carried by all major Food Service Distributors in Canada.

We offer our 4 flavours in 36 pack format, sold as bulk in a polybag, or in a non-printed film, or in printed film.